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The Development Course is designed for coaches who have completed the Foundation Course and have been an active coach since the accreditation was given. The Development Course will focus on more the advanced skills and strategies and court play. This is also ideal for coaches who want to update their Development Coaching Accreditation.

Application Deadline: 5 Aug (Sun) 6PM

Theory and Practical sessions will be held on the same day

DATE: 19th August, 2018 (SUNDAY)
TIME:   Theory: 830AM-1030AM HK Olympic House  AND  Practical: 12NN-6PM Wong Chuk Hang Sports Center

HKD$400 which includes Netball Australia's Development Coaching Manual and notes.

There is a limit to the number of participant who can participate in the course so it will be based on first come first serve basis.

All the course materials are in English and the course is presented in English.

1. Participants should hold a current Foundation Coaching Accreditation for minimum of 12 months and have achieved 20 hours of updating activity (with minimum practical component of 10 hours).

2. Participants must have completed and passed the Section 1 Theory Online Exam Paper (pass mark is 70%). The paper should be completed within 6 years of the course dates. Instructions for online paper: This theory paper must be completed BEFORE the start of the course. A copy of the Certificate must be provided.

3. Successful participants must complete the 8 hours required for the course and pass the practical assessment.

Development Coaching Course Online Registration form:


1. Complete this online registration form

2. Prepare a HKD$400 cheque payable to “Hong Kong Netball Association Limited ” .
Write down your English Full name and state "Foundation Coaching Course 2018 Aug" or " Development Coaching Course 2018 Aug)  at the back of the cheque.

3. Post the cheque to the HKNA office address or drop your cheque off to HKNA.  Please call ahead to arrange a time to make sure a staff is in the office to collect your cheque.
HKNA contacts below:

Hong Kong Netball Association
Room 1016, Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2504 8208 | Fax: (852) 2577 5694 | Email:



This is open to coaches who holds a current Development Course accreditation or attaining Level Two accreditation.  You will be allowed to come and listen to course facilitator presenting the Development Course.  Your role is purely for observation which means you will not receive any course materials or receive a Certificate.

Cost is $200hkd.

You need to register by completing the WORD document and send/email to Hong Kong Netball Association.  If you have completed your Development Course in Australia, then please attached a copy of your certificate.  If obtained outside of HK and Australia, please include a copy of your certificate and also a copy of the outline of your course. 

Download Form for OBSERVATION ONLY - Development Coaching Course.


FCC (A): Foundation Coaching Course (Netball) - suitable for beginning coaches, coaches of young and inexperienced netballers

This Foundation Coaching Course is the beginning level into the Coach Accreditation Pathway. This is suitable for coaches who is wanting to head into the coaching pathway. We also encourage secondary or university netballers who have played netball during school life and wants to take the next step and be in a coaching role.

Application Deadline: 28 July (Sat) 6PM   Course is FULL. Waitlist only!



Theory and Practical sessions will be held on the same day

DATE: 11th August, 2018 (SAT)

TIME:  8AM-4PM (Both Theory and Practical)

Venue: Hong Kong Park Sports Center



HKD$400 which includes Netball Australia's Foundations Coaching Manual and notes.

There is a limit to the number of participant who can participate in the course so it will be based on first come first serve basis.

All the course materials are in English and the course is presented in English.



1. Participants must attend the theory, practical and assessment sessions. The participants will not pass the course if they fail to attend the course dates outlined. Successful participants must also require to pass the practical assessment.

2. Participants must have netball playing experience (minimum of 2 years) at either school or club teams.

3. Participants must have a sound understanding of the rules of netball.

4. Recommended minimum age: 14 years old or above. (Priority may be given to more experienced applicants)

Foundation Coaching Course Online Registration form:

Shelley O'Donnell coaching workshops for the netball community!! Suitable for players and coaches!

Free if registered online registration by Wed 7 Feb 6pm :

Workshops date: Saturday February 10th, 2018
Workshops Address: Kowloon Park Sports Centre (sports hall) (where the 4 Nations are held)

HKNA with the funding support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Coach Education Programme, will be hosting former Australia Netball Team mid courter Shelley O'Donnell for one day only. For your chance to listen and learn from one of the highly respected netballer in the world and for FREE, register by WEDNESDAY 7th February 2018 6pm.

Workshop 1 - Shelley's attacking style 11:30am - 1pm
Workshop 2 - Shelley's defending style 1:30pm - 3pm


Shelley O'Donnell was a talented midcourter spent a decade wearing the green and gold on 84 occasions, highlighted by winning three Netball World Cup titles in 1991 (Sydney), 1995 (Birmingham) and 1999 (Christchurch) and a Commonwealth Games Gold medal in 1998 (Kuala Lumpur).

O’Donnell was vice-captain of the Australian team that claimed the infamous 1999 world title and announced her retirement from international netball following that memorable triumph. She was inducted into the Netball Australia Hall of Fame in 2010.

Domestically, she was the inaugural captain of the Melbourne Kestrels in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy between 1997-2000.

FCC (C): 基礎級別投球教練課程 – 為有志於開展投球教練工作之人士而設 FULL!!!!

基礎級別投球教練課程為投球教練資歷之初階,適合任何年齡而有志於投身投球運動教練之人士報讀* 。



上午8 時至 11時 理論課
下午12時至 6時 實習課

地點: 順利邨體育館

截止日期: 2018年1月26日 (星期五) 下午6時前



FCC (B): 基礎級別投球教練課程 為沒有任何投球經驗之體育教師(或將為體育教師)而設

本班是為沒有任何投球經驗之體育教師(或將為體育教師)而設。本班將與暑期投球訓練班合併進行,主要為參加者介紹投球運動 包括基本投球規則投球基本技巧及訓練方法,希望參加者可用予教授他們的學生。參加者於課程內將有機會親身體驗及參與投球比賽。希望在完成整個課程之後,參加者將對投球運動有一定的認識與及有信心教授投球予他們的學生。 本班將以實習訓練課為主以令各學員有更多練習及實際參與投球運動的機會。

 完成本課程後,學員將能獲得兩張證書: 香港投球總會基礎投球級別教練證書;暑期投球訓練班之出席證書。本班將以粵語為主要授課語言而筆記為英文。

費用: 港幣250元正 (包括暑假投球訓練班費用及香港投球總會教練資料包)

請以兩張支票支付報名費用(抬頭請寫”Hong Kong Netball Association Limited”金額分別為$110元正[暑期投球訓練班]$140元正[基礎級別投球教練班] )  

上課日期:                                 上課地點: 花園街體育館                        

必須出席之課堂:                                                                              時間: 下午2-4

1) 2017726(星期)

2) 2017728(星期)

3) 201782(星期)

 以下五個日期必須最少有80% 之出席率:

4) 201784(星期)

5) 201789 (星期)

6) 2017811 (星期)

7) 2017816 (星期)

8) 2017818 (星期)


¬  參加者須提供有效體育教師資格證明- 如畢業證書或由學校發出及由校長簽署之信件。如屬在學者,請提供由有關院校發出之證明信件。

¬  是次基礎級別投球教練班將包括投球初級班的練習,參加者需實際參與大部分的訓練,例如所有傳接球、步法練習及遊戲,所以參加者需具備基本體能才能參加訓練。

¬  參加者必須出席首三天之課程(726, 2882)及於其餘五天之上課日期最少有80%之出席率(即只可在五天中缺席最多兩天)。如有參加者之出席率低於此等要求,將視作未能完成課程。完成整個課程之參加者需通過實習評核後方可獲得教練資格。


FCC (B): Foundation Coaching Course (Netball) for Physical Education (PE) teachers (or training PE teachers) with no previous netball background.

This particular Foundation Coaching Course will be modified to suit the needs for the PE teachers or training PE teachers with no netball background.  This course will run alongside the Netball Introductory Training course and will aim at introducing the game of netball to the participants which includes all the basic rules, fundamental skills and drills and games useful to teach their students.  The applicants will also experience playing netball in a game environment.  It is hoped that at the end of this course, the participant will have a sound knowledge of the game and be confident to teach the game to the students.  Majority of this course is practical so the participant will have lots of practice and game time.

 On completion of the course, successful participants will receive TWO certificates:  HKNA Foundation Coaching Accreditation (modified for PE qualified teachers and Certificate of Participation (Netball Introductory Training Course).  The Course materials are in English and the course is mainly be presented in Cantonese.

COSTS: $250HKD which includes cost of Netball Introductory Training Course and a HKNA Coaching Resource File.

You must make two separate cheques to Hong Kong Netball Association LTD, one for $110 (Netball Introductory Course and one for $140 (Foundation Course for Netball).

Course dates:      Venue: Fa Yuen Street Sports Centre                                              Time: 4pm to 6pm.

Compulsory sessions for the following THREE sessions:   FA YUEN STREET SPORTS CENTRE (4 to 6pm)

1) Wednesday 26 July 2017

2) Friday 28 July 2017

3) Wednesday 2 August 2017

 Minimum 80% attendance for the following FIVE sessions:

4) Friday 4 August 2017

5) Wednesday 9 August 2017

6) Friday 11 August 2017

7) Wednesday 16 August 2017                           

8) Friday 18 August 2017

6 Feb 2015: 

Over the past week, HKNA was very privileged to host High Performance Coach, Ms Lisa Beehag in Hong Kong.  Lisa conducted the Development Course as well as two coaching workshops. Two clubs also had the chance to host Lisa to run a training session with them. Another main role from Lisa's visit was to be a mentor for the National Coach and Assistant Coaches for Open and Youth team, along with two nominated coaches by HKNA.

With her outgoing and down to earth personality, Lisa was very open to questions and queries and always willing to share her ideas and 'tips'.  A lot was gained from her visit and I'm sure people who were involved got a lot out of this week of coaching festivities. 

Development accredited coaches: Gail Forey, Renee Badaraco, Elise Daly, Eden Chan, Victoria Gladstone, Ursula Halloway, Chan Ka Keung, Melissa Atkins, Karin Looram and Natacha Cuvelier.







4 October 2013

Congratulations to the following coaches who are now Foundations Accredited Coaches:

2013 September - Foundation Coaching Course

2013 August - FCC (modified for PE teachers with no netball background)