LCSD Hong Kong Netball League

Dear all,
Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication through a very long but fantastic season of netball!  There was no better way to cap off the 2014/15 season than with the 7 brilliant Cup finals played on Saturday and I would like to say a big thanks to Hong Kong Football Club for hosting us in their sports hall once again.

All 7 divisions gave us a day of great excitement and entertainment and a huge congratulations goes to all the participating teams.  Also a special thank you goes to our umpires, volunteers and spectators without whom an event like this would not be possible.

Below are the results of Saturday's Grand Final:  Download HKNL Final standings table
Div 1 - HKFC Club def HKCC Demons 38-21
    Div 2 - Hantang Chilin def HKFC Monsoons 26-20
        Div 3 - KRFC Opals def HKS Pipers 15-13
            Div 4 - KRFC Diamonds def Valley Cheetahs 38-14
                Div 5 - Shimmer def KRFC Rubies 23-17
                    Div 6 - HKU Duchess def The Prime 23-19
                        Div 7 - KRFC Amethysts def HKS Unicorns 15-6


League Convenor


3 October 2014

2014-15 Season:


- HKNL 2014-15 Handbook

Club Convenor's Contact




Australian Association Roshan Julian
Discovery Bay Jessica Stephens

Hong Kong Cricket Club Krystle Edwards
Hong Kong Football Club Karin Looram
Hong Kong Scottish Lauren Zervos
Kowloon Netball Club Lisa Twinley
Maccabi Kelly Naphtali
Mighty Eagles Minnie Ho

Jules In

Popcorn Adrian Li
Sai Kung Stingrays Siabhan Duguid
Shooter McGavins Samantha Boston
Valley Shammin Azim


22 August 2014

Dear Netballers,
Attached are the forms for the 2014/15 Ladies Netball League. 
Key season dates are:
Monday 8 September 2014, 5:00pm
Early bird registration ($100 refund at the AGM)
Friday 12 September 2014, 5:00pm
League Entries Close
Monday 22 September 2014, 7:00pm
Captain’s Meeting
Monday 6 October 2014, 7.00pm
Ladies League - Round 1


Each club/ independent team should submit:
  • Teams who submit their entry forms by 5.00pm on Monday 8 September will receive a $100 refund at the AGM. Entries submitted after 5.00pm on Friday 12 September may not be accepted.
  • Due to the court allocations, HKNA cannot guarantee that every team can be accommodated into the league. Priority will be given to teams in order of payment/ entry.
  • HKNA cannot guarantee that every team will be placed into its requested division. Please ensure that captains/ conveners are available over the weekend of 13th/14th September to discuss team grading.
I look forward to receiving your entries and kicking off another great season. 
Best regards, 
Shammin Azim (League Convenor)


2013-14 Club's information and club trials information




Club Website

Trials for new players

Info  for new players

Australian Association

Sonia Lam



Discovery Bay

Jessica Stephens

Contact HKNA for email contact  



HK Cricket Club

Amanda Parker

Contact HKNA for email contact

21 Aug, 7:30 @HKCC

Download HKCC Flyer

HK Football Club

Vanessa Cuvelier

Contact HKNA for email contact

 21,26, 29 Aug, 7-10pm@ HKFC Sports Hall

Need to create new account and register online:  Follow instructions on the website.

Hong Kong Scottish

Philippa Waldron

Contact HKNA for email contact

 5th & 12th Sept, 7:30-9pm @Wong Chuk Hang


Kowloon Netball Club

Lisa Twinley

Contact HKNA for email contact

5 Sept @Aberdeen Courts



Adrian Li

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Sai Kung Stingrays

Caitlyn Farrell

Contact HKNA for email contact






Shafin Azim





8 April - HK Netball League final placing for all Divisions.  Download (PDF) format.

Hong Kong Netball Ladies League Final Results 2013/14
Division 1 League Placing Semi-finals Finals Final Standing
    Cup Cup  
DB Black Pearls 7 Club def Phoenix 50-12 Club def Black Magic 28-21 1st HKFC Club
Hantang Phoenix 4 2nd HKCC Black Magic
HKCC Black Magic 2 Black Magic def Panthers 48-34 3rd Valley Panthers
HKCC Devils 8 4th Hantang Phoenix
HKFC Club 1 Plate Plate 5th Valley Tigers
HKFC Typhoons 6 Black Pearls def Typhoons 43-41 Tigers def Black Pearls 35-33 6th DB Black Pearls
Valley Panthers 3 7th HKFC Typhoons
Valley Pumas 8 Tigers def Devils 37-32 8th HKCC Devils
Valley Tigers 5 9th Valley Pumas
Division 2 League Placing Semi-finals Finals Final Standing
    Cup Cup  
DB Buccaneers 4 Phoenix def Buccaneers 21-20 Phoenix def Sapphires 39-27 1st HKCC Phoenix
Hantang Chilin 6 2nd KRFC Sapphires
HKCC Dragons 5 Sapphires def Lynx 30-27 3rd Valley Lynx
HKCC Phoenix 1 4th DB Buccaneers
HKFC Monsoons 8 Plate Plate 5th HKFC Whirlwinds
HKFC Whirlwinds 7 Whirlwinds def Chilin 27-21 Whirlwinds def Dragons 28-27 (OT) 6th HKCC Dragons
KRFC Sapphires 2 7th Hantang Chilin
SK Stingrays 9 Dragons def Monsoons 31-23 8th HKFC Monsoons
Valley Cougars 10 9th SK Stingrays
Valley Lynx 3     10th Valley Cougars
Division 3 League Placing Semi-finals Finals Final Standing
DOGA 6 Giants def Crickets 38-26 Giants def Knights 24-22 1st Giants
Giants 2 2nd HKU Knights
KRFC Opals 5 3rd HKS Pipers
HKCC Crickets 3 4th HKCC Crickets
HKCC Optimists 7 5th KRFC Opals
HKFC Tornadoes 8 Knights def Pipers 23-22 6th DOGA
HKS Pipers 1 7th HKCC Optimisits
HKU Knights 4 8th HKFC Tornadoes
Runaways 10 9th Valley Leopards
Valley Leopards 9 10th Runaways
Division 4 League Placing Semi-finals Finals Final Standing
Aussie Magpies 7 Black Jacks def Cheetahs 33-22 Black Jacks def Thistles 38-18 1st DB Black Jacks
Aussie Rosellas 3 2nd HKS Thistles
DB Black Jacks 1 3rd Aussie Rosellas
HKCC Fielders 9 4th Valley Cheetahs
HKS Thistles 2 5th Popcorn
KRFC Diamonds 10 Thistles def Rosellas 22-19 6th Valley Wildcats
Popcorn 5 7th Aussie Magpies
Valley Cheetahs 4 8th Valley Jaguars
Valley Jaguars 8 9th HKCC Fielders
Valley Wildcats 6 10th KRFC Diamonds
Division 5 League Placing Semi-finals Finals Final Standing
Aussie Geckos 1 Geckos def Cats 26-21 Geckos def Cyclones 15-10 1st Aussie Geckos
DB Swashbucklers 8 2nd HKFC Cyclones
HKFC Cyclones 2 3rd KRFC Rubies
HKIED Forever 21 5 4th Valley Cats
HKS Nessies 6 5th HKIED Forever 21
HKU Duchess 9 Cyclones def Rubies 27-24 (OT) 6th HKS Nessies
KRFC Rubies 3 7th OTS10
OTS10 7 8th DB Swashbucklers
Valley Cats 4 9th HKU Duchess
Valley Lions 10 10th Valley Lions
Division 6 League Placing Semi-finals Finals Final Standing
Aussie Cockatoos 4 Cockatoos def Highlanders 22-21 The Prime def Cockatoos 36-13 1st The Prime
DB Jolly Rogers 8 2nd Aussie Cockatoos
ESF Wildcats 2 3rd HKS Highlanders
HKS Highlanders 1 4th ESF Wildcats
HKS Unicorns 6 5th Valley Cubs
KRFC Amethysts 7 The Prime def Wildcats 24-15 6th HKS Unicorns
Shooter McGavin's 9 7th KRFC Amethysts
The Prime 3 8th DB Jolly Rogers
Valley Bobcats 10 9th Shooter McGavin's
Valley Cubs 5 10th Valley Bobcats



7 April - HK Netball League: Grand Finals.


"The HKNA would like to thank all the players, volunteers, officials and umpires who have all helped to deliver yet another great season of netball.  The finals day for both Ladies League and Juniors League over the weekend displayed great netball at a high intensity to be enjoyed by all the spectators on the day.  Congratulations go to all the teams who managed to make the finals." HKNA President Veronica Arnold.


The Netball Ladies League day of finals across the six Divisions was held yesterday (Saturday 5th April) 
at the HKFC.  The Championship match (Division 1) between "Hong Kong Cricket Club - Black Magic" and 
"Hong Kong Football Club - Club" provided the spectators with a high intensity battle throughout the 
match - a brilliant game by both teams!

In the first quarter, HKCC had the momentum over HKFC with quick passing down the court and great 
shooting, resulting in a 5 point lead (8-3). The  quarter saw HKFC come fighting back with exceptional 
attacking play, accurate shooting and their transitional play from attack to defence saw them dominate, 
gaining 6 points over HKCC in the second quarter, resulting in a one point lead (14-13).  In the third 
quarter the intensity stepped up again as both teams battled it out for the "Championship Quarter", where 
the HKFC pulled away with a lead of 22-17.  In the final quarter, HKFC pulled away at one stage with a 10 
point lead.  HKCC fought back and gained their momentum again, but Football Club had already gained 
their lead, resulting in a 7 point win of 28-21.

The results for the other Divisions were as follows:

Div 6, The Prime defeated Aussie Cockatoos 36-13; 
Div 5, The Aussie Geckos defeated HKFC Cyclones 15-10;

Div 4, Discovery Bay Black Jacks defeated HK Scottish Thistles 38-18;

Div 3The Giants defeated HKU Knights 24-22;

Div 2, HKCC Phoenix defeated Kowloon Sapphires 39-27;
Div 2 Plate, Valley whirlwinds defeated HKCC Dragons 28-27.

Div 1 plate, Valley Tigers defeated Discovery Bay Black Pearls 35-33.


Netball in the South Morning China Post - 6 April 2014





Pics from Grand Finals Day is now on HKNA facebook!





2012-13 Netball Season - Ladies League

More photos available on Hong Kong Netball Association Facebook page.

Division ONE Cup: Valley Panthers defeated HKFC Club 25 - 19

Winners: Valley Panthers                                                                                        Runners-up : HKFC Club








Division ONE Plate: Hantang Phoenix defeated Valley Tigers 42 - 31

Winners: Hantang Phoenix                                                         Runners-up: Valley Tigers







Division TWO Cup: Valley Pumas defeated HKCC Pheonix 26 - 22

Winners: Valley Pumas                                                     Runners-up: HKCC Phoenix








Division TWO Plate: HKCC Dragons defeated HKFC Monsoons 41- 28

Winners: HKCC Dragons                                                            Runners-up: HKFC Monsoons


Division THREE Cup: Valley Cougars defeated HKCC Crickets 31 - 21


Winners: Valley Cougars                              Runners-up: HKCC Crickets



Division FOUR Cup: HKCC Optimists defeated Valley Jaguars 33 - 16


Winners: HKCC Optimists                          Runners-up: Valley Jaguars



Division FIVE Cup: Aussie Rosellas defeated Valley Meercats 27 - 26


Winners: Aussie Rosellas                                                    Runners-up: Valley Meercats


Division SIX Cup: DB Jolly Rogers defeated HKIED 40-16


Winners: DB Jolly Rogers                         Runners-up: HKIED




 Download finals results and placings here

- League results and standings

- League handbook 2012-2013

-HKNA League By-Laws 2012-2013Notes from League Co-ordinator:



Dear all,

Percentages –it was raised at the HKNA AGM with regards to percentages that a player is required to play in the league to qualify to play in the Finals' Series (playoffs). After discussion, the executive committee have agreed to the following:

Divisions 1, 4 and 5 (9 teams each) 6 games;

Divisions 2 and 3 ( 10 teams each) 7 games;

Division 6 (8 teams) 5 games ;

This means that players need to have played this number of games during the season, on different nights to qualify for the final's series. 3 of those games MUST be in the final's team, before playing in the Final's Series. This works out to be generally 40%.

Please communicate this to your teams.
Many thanks,

Dear Captains and Conveners-
The Captain's meeting will be held at the Hong Kong Football Club on Monday 24 September at 7.00pm. We will be going through the key by-laws and captain's and convener's responsibilities. The fixture for the first half of the season will also be given out. The meeting should be over within an hour.
Required attendees:
  • At least one representative (preferably the captain or vice) from each team.
  • Club conveners.
  • Please also note that the new By-Laws will be posted on the HKNA website by Friday of this week.


 * HKNA League By-Laws 2012-2013

See you there.
Best regards
Jenny Chadwick (League Convener), Ron Arnold (President) and the HKNA Executive Council


Dear Netballers-

Attached are the forms for the 2012/13 Ladies Netball League.
Key season dates are:



Monday 10 September 2012, 5.00pm

Early bird registration ($100 refund at the AGM)

Friday 14 September 2012, 5.00pm

League Entries Close


Captain’s Meeting

Monday 8 October, 7.00pm

Ladies League round 1


Each club/ independent team should submit:

    1. Form A (Registration of Netball Teams) one for each club/ independent team- Please list all teams in rank order. We intend to run 5/6 divisions(depending on numbers), so please grade teams on the basis of 5/6 divisions.
    2. Form B (Registration of Team & Players) one for each team- Please complete at least 3 years of playing history for each player to assist grading decisions.
    3. Form C (HKNA Membership application) One for each new HKNA Member (who was not registered as a member with HKNA in 2009/10, 2010/11, or 2011/12).


  • Teams who submit their entry forms by 5.00pm on Monday 10 September will receive a $100 refund at the AGM. Entries submitted after 5.00pm on Friday 14 September may not be accepted.
  • Due to the court allocations, HKNA cannot guarantee that every team can be accommodated into the league. Priority will be given to teams in order of payment/ entry.
  • HKNA cannot guarantee that every team will be placed into its requested division. Please ensure that captains/ conveners are available over the weekend of 15/16 September to discuss team grading.

We look forward to receiving your entries and kicking off another great season.
Best regards
Jenny Chadwick (League Convener), Ron Arnold (President) and the HKNA Executive Council.


2011-12 Premiers:

Division 1 Cup: HKCC Black Magic           Division 1 Plate: Valley Tigers

Division 2 Cup: DB Black Pearls               Division 2 Plate: Sai Kung Stingrays                             

Division 3: NAB Aussie Magpies               Division 4: Valley Leopards

Division 5: Shimmer

2010-11 Premiers:

Division 1 Cup: HKFC - Club                          Division 1 Plate: Hantang

Division 2 Cup: HKCC Phoenix                       Division 2 Plate: Valley Cougars                              

Division 3: Kowloon Sapphires                        Division 4: HKU Supernova

2009-10 Premiers:

Division 1 Permiers: Valley Panthers               Division 2: AP Koalas

Division 3: AP Redbacks                                Division 4: Valley Jaguars

2008-09 Premiers:

Division 1: HKFC Club                                    Division 2: HKFC Whirlwinds

Division 3: DOGA                                           Division 4: HKFC Cyclones

2011-12 HK Open Ladies' League Season

More pics can be downloaded from HKNA Facebook page.


Division 1 Cup - HKCC Black Magic           Div 1 Cup Runners Up - Valley Panthers








Division 1 Plate - Valley Tigers              Div 1 Plate Runners Up - HKFC Typhoons



Division 2 Cup - DB Black Pearls                   Div 2 Cup Runners up - Valley Pumas


Division 2 Plate - Sai Kung Stingrays      Div 2 Plate Runners-up - HKFC Whirlwinds

Division 3 Cup - Kowloon Sapphires     Div 3 Runners-up - DB Buccaneers

Division 4 Cup - Valley Leopards       Div 4 Runners Up- HKU Matador

Division 5 Cup - Shimmer                         Div 5 Runners-up - Aussie Geckos


Results for 2011-12 Season

2010-11 HK Netball League Season

Sports Soho took some photos of the Semi-finals and Grand Finals matches, go to this link to have a look:

Division 1  (All photos courtesy of Sports Soho)


Cup Winner- HKFC Club                                                 Cup Runner Up- HKCC Black Magic


Plate Winner- Hantang                                                   Plate Runner Up- NAB Aussie Koalas
Division 2
Cup Winner- HKCC Phoenix                                         

Cup Runner Up- NAB Aussie Redbacks

Division 3


Cup Winner- Valley Cougars                                           Cup Runner Up- DB Jolly Rogers
Division 4

Cup Winner- NAB Aussie Magpies                                   Cup Runner Up- HKFC Tornadoes

Division 5


Cup Winner- HKU Supernova                                            Cup Runner Up- Surprises


 Please click on the links below to see the photos.

Sports Soho magazine sent a photographer to the 2010 Division One Grand Final game between Valley Panthers and HKFC Club, to have a look at the action photos, go to links below...

Photos from Sports Soho Magazine 
  Album 1:
  Ablum 2:
  Album 3:

  Open League Grand Finals - Monday 27th April 2009

            Division 1         Division 2          Division 3            Division 4